Hola Chingona, From Humble Beginnings...

Being born and raised in South Tucson, I have always been close to my roots. From early on, my Nana set an example of what was, is, and will always be a Chingona.

My Nana's work ethic engrained, a love of sewing, and facing tough financial times, I started what became Hola Chingona (FKA Chingona Arizona) in 2010.

From humble beginnings crafting out of an under-the-stairs nook, to having my then 12 year-old daughter helping me sew to fulfill orders, to a store front and work studio in the Historic Fourth Avenue District, it hasn't always been easy but Chingonas overcome.

Hola Chingona represents every part of my experiences growing up, my Mexican roots, my love of pop culture, my not always appropriate for the occasion sense of humor, and my sailor's vocabulary.

I hope you see a little bit of yourself and your experiences in my crafts and if you crack a smile or a full blown snorting session, I've done my job!

Hope you enjoy taking a gander at the online goods (which we'll do our best to keep up to date) and I'd love it even more if you come into the store and say hello.

La Head Sancha In Charge

- Maria